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Eavestroughing is a system of channels that lines the exterior of your home, just beneath the roof. This system, along with the accompanying downspouts, is designed to protect your home from the damaging effects of precipitation water. In essence, the main purpose of an eavestrough is to collect and move water away from the foundations of the house. The consequences of allowing water to permeate into the walls of your house and accumulate beneath its foundations can be extremely dire and costly. Among those are erosion, cracking, molding, and leaking, which can damage your crawlspace and basement. From a safety standpoint, such damage to your home may affect the soundness of the structure, and if left untreated, could cause parts of your house to collapse. In a place like Toronto and the GTA, weather is often unforgiving, and making sure that you have a quality, durable eavestrough that can withstand the harshness of the elements is essential.
A World of Choice: Eavestrough are Available in Several Different Materials
Many options are available to choose from when it comes to the type of eavestrough to be installed. The most common materials used include vinyl, copper, lead, aluminum, steel, and to a lesser extent, wood. Each of these materials has its unique advantages and disadvantages. In the case of vinyl, it is usually easier to install than metal, and costs considerably less. It also comes in virtually any colour you can desire as it is easily paintable. However, it lacks the longevity that comes with most metal gutters. Metal gutters tend to be more weather resistant, and therefore require less service and maintenance.
Amongst the metals, copper is the most aesthetically appealing due to its beautiful, rustic, reddish colour. However, one must keep in mind that unless the copper is clear coated with a varnish, it will eventually turn green over time due to oxidization if exposed to air and moisture. One downside to copper compared to vinyl or aluminum is its high cost. It may seem like a hefty price to pay at the time of installation, but over time, copper may be a more cost effective option due to its high quality and durability.
A Few Things to Remember Before Your Install
When installing an eavestrough, it is important to give the channel a slight tilt to allow the water to automatically move in the direction of the downspout. As a rule, you'll want to install the eavestrough at a slope of 1 inch per 40 feet of gutter. Make sure that the highest point of the eavestrough is at the opposite end of the downspout to force the water to flow downward and away from the house. As the accumulated water is being emptied out of the gutter, it simultaneously cleans out the eavestrough of any debris and leaves. You can avoid clogging in the downspouts by inserting strainers at each opening. Finally, don't forget to place splash blocks beneath each downspout to divert the water away from the house's foundation.
Even with the best eavestroughing systems, you should still expect to service your gutters at least twice a year. Over time, leaves, dirt, and other foreign matter build up inside your gutters and can lead to blockages that render your eavestrough ineffective. Regularly cleaning your gutters is the best way to keep your gutters running smoothly and prolong their lifespan.
Where to go for Your Eavestrough In Toronto
CopperWorks Canada is a leading supplier of eavestroughing systems, serving Toronto and GTA residents. With countless years of expertise to their name, CopperWorks Canada offer superior products and exceptional service at great prices. You can depend on their professional team of home improvement experts for all your eavestroughing installations. They'll do the job right, and leave your home protected from rainwater damage, and looking beautiful and inviting. Call on them today!
If you are interested in getting a new eavestrough installed for your home, please visit us at our main site http://www.copperworkscanada.com/ or call us at 905-831-6434.

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